Who We Are ?

Dr A Anbarasu studied from Stanley Medical College – 1985 batch. He did his MD in Radio diagnosis, along with DNB (Radio diagnosis) and DMRE (Gold Medal) at LTM Medical College & Sion Hospital. He learned from names in Radiology, who are great teachers; inspired by them, he started his contribution to teaching even as second year registrar and then as lecturer in Sion Hospital – His teachers include Prof S Merchant, Prof Om Tavri, Prof Mukund Joshi, Prof Ravi Ramakanthan and Dr Bhavin Jankharia. After a brief stay at Hammersmith Hospital with Prof David Cosgr ove, he took up higher Specialist Registrar work in Liverpool Mersey Region; he obtained the University of Liverpool’s DMRD, while working under Prof R Whitehouse.

During the final FRCR examination in 1999, he won the prestigious Rohan Williams Gold Medal by the Royal College of Radiologists. He was also awarded the Cook travelling fellowship by RCR which was done at Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School, Boston.

He held very important positions at University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire – as Consultant Radiologist, Royal College Clinical Tutor, Joint Clinical Director, MRI lead clinician. During this time, his contributions to teaching, management, research and paper publications was appreciated and awarded with Six Clinical excellence Awards by the NHS, UK. He has published 21 peer reviewed papers; 33 posters and invited speaker in more than 100 courses and conferences.

Our History

Dr A Anbarasu studied from Stanley Medical College – 1985 batch. He did his MD in Radio diagnosis, along with DNB (Radio diagnosis) and DMRE (Gold Medal) at LTM Medical College & Sion Hospital.

Our Mission

To provide excellent Clinical Radiology and Imaging services to our patients by ensuring high quality Radiology & Imaging / Scan Services with extra clinical care and value for money.

Our Vision

To improve health, longevity and well-being of all patients by ensuring appropriate “Clinico-Radiological” care for the patient.

How do we ensure clinical excellence?

Our lead Radiologist Dr A Anbarasu, is regarded as one of the best Radiologists and a teacher in this subject; he has published more than 30 articles in leading medical journals, written books and book chapters. He has experience across 3 continents serving varied population.

His team of well trained Radiologists provide the reading of the all the scans. Double read – many scans are double read to ensure quality and consensus opinion.

Providing training and education to Radiologists, Technologists, students and conduct high quality teaching courses and conferences.

How we provide that ‘extra care’?

  • We ask the patient about his/her problem; we try to understand the patient’s issues.
  • We do the scan as suggested by the referring doctor.
  • In case, the patient needs an extra scan, many times we do it at no extra cost or fraction of the cost
  • Final outcome – a complete diagnosis or an appropriate guide to next level of care and a solution to the referring physician.

Value for money

Combination clinical excellence and advanced equipments ensure high quality images for the same cost.

The additional confirmatory tests are many times done without extra cost or concession rates.

We ask and understand the patient’s problem and ensure appropriate tests are done with confidence of referring doctor, thereby avoiding further repeat scan costs, whenever possible.

We provide CT guided biopsy/drainage services for cancer/abscess patients – at the lowest cost in this region! This helps better patient care and avoid surgery in many situations.